Will Mascara Ruin My Lash Tint? Maybe…

applying mascara on you eyelash tint
  • Mascara can be safely worn with lash lifts and tints if a water-based or mineral-based mascara is used
  • However, over time the eyelashes will become brittle and dry from the tinting process
  • Touch-ups every four weeks is recommended to keep the color looking fresh

I love getting my eyelashes tinted. It’s a quick and easy process, and the results are always amazing. I look like a new woman after!

The process is very simple. The tint is painted directly onto my lashes, and then it sits there for 10 minutes. After that, I’m free to go!

I always look forward to my lash tinting appointments. They make me feel pretty and special, and I love the way they make my eyes look. My lashes are dark and full, and I never have to worry about them smudging or running.

I usually wear mascara with my lash tint, but it’s not necessary. The tint itself makes my lashes look very dark and full. I’ve had people tell me that my eyelashes look “fake” after getting them tinted, but I think they just look better than ever! Mascara and eyelash tints are a great combination.

Overall, I absolutely love getting my eyelashes tinted. It’s a quick, easy, and affordabl


So, will mascara ruin your eyelash tint?

In the world of cosmetics, “Will mascara ruin my lash tint” comes up. After you’ve applied your eyelash tint, you can apply mascara but the ultimate goal here is to avoid the need to do so.

Expert beauticians often advise using eyelash curlers in place of mascara as it gives the same lift without the need to clean anything off.


So, yes, you can put mascara on a lash lift and tint if this is what you want to do. Remember, however, to avoid using any kind of waterproof mascara since most of them are oil-based.

Your best bet is to invest in a water-based mascara product or something made of minerals with natural fibers. This will help keep your lash extensions looking clean and fresh.


Although you can wear mascara with lash lifts and tints, bear in mind that tinted lashes will cause damage against natural eyelashes. For starters, it can dry them out as the dye will strip the hair from its natural moisture.

Over time, the eyelashes will become brittle. The more often you tint your eyelashes the more you compromise their overall health.

So, before going into the debate about mascara applications to lash tints, decide first if you want the tinting to begin with. Naturally, everybody wants to look good so when it comes to making those lashes look darker, fuller, and longer, it’s easy to be tempted to go with lash tinting.

Furthermore, the process is quick and inexpensive enough.

Normally, whenever going in for lash extensions, the appointments are usually scheduled bi-weekly. Should a lash tint become part of the picture, every second time you go in for a lash fill, schedule the tinting procedure with your stylist.

On average, this would be every four weeks.

Normally, lash tints normally last about six to eight weeks but do fade over time. That’s why every four weeks to touch them up is recommended if you want to keep the color used looking fresh.

In all honesty, when dealing with lash lifts and tints, discussing the matter with your beautician is always the best move you can make. Whatever look you desire to achieve, combined with the beautician’s advice, will ensure not only you get the best value for your money but to ensure that you can indeed wear mascara with your lash tint without ruin.

Truth About Mascaras

woman applying mascara near mirror
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As a cosmetic item, mascara is one of the most common applications used by men and women who want to make their eyelashes, tinted or not, appear fluffier, longer, and thicker. However, the key to preventing cosmetics of any kind applied to the eye area needs to be exercised with some common sense.

When used correctly, mascara shouldn’t cause the eyelashes to thin out or become brittle. The last thing you want to do, especially if you have a lash tint, is dry your eyelashes out even further.

Make sure you have the right mascara product to do the job because if you don’t, you could be doing more harm than good.

Remember, dyes of any kind tap into the natural oils of your own hair. This doesn’t just apply to eyelashes, either. If you’re using something petroleum-based, you’re using a harsh chemical that will likely stunt hair growth and cause brittleness.

Your best bet is to stick to hypoallergenic and organic cosmetic products. The fewer chemicals you have to deal with the better. You also want to avoid waterproof mascaras and other makeup products as these are designed with the idea of keeping things dry.

What do you think this does to your hair and skin over time?

The Cosmetic Truth

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As beautiful as a person wishes to appear on the surface with the application of makeup, doing so excessively can do more than just cause defeat the purpose. This applies to lash tinting, as well as using mascara.

While it is true a good quality mascara won’t ruin your lash tint when properly applied, it is recommended to replace the mascara about every three months.

The reason for this is eye makeup is more prone to bacteria buildup than any other cosmetic product on the market. Like our skin, hair, including eyelashes, need time to breathe. When constantly tinted or sporting mascara, those lashes will dry out.

This will then lead to them becoming so brittle that they are likely to fall out.

Also, as a rule of thumb, never wear mascara overnight. It doesn’t matter if your lashes are tinted at this point or not.