What is the Best Color Lipstick for Small Lips [Pastel?]

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  • Consider the factors of color, skin tone, and lip shape when choosing the best lipstick color for small lips.
  • The best colors for small lips are pastel shades that will blend in naturally with the natural lip color.
  • Lipstick should not be overapplied and should be lighter in color for daytime wear.
  • Bold colors are not always flattering for small lips, but nude tones can work well.

My best friend has always been self-conscious about her small lips. Even when we were kids, she would always be the one asking if her lips looked too small.

I would always tell her that she was beautiful just the way she was, but she never believed me.

As we got older, she started to become more interested in makeup and tried different lipstick colors to see if they would make her lips look bigger.

Unfortunately, most of the shades she tried made her look like she had no lips at all. She would always complain that she couldn’t find a good lipstick color for small lips.

Finally, after years of trial and error, she found two colors that worked really well for her small lips.

One was a light pink shade that blended in with her natural lip color and the other was a nude shade that made her lips look fuller.

She still isn’t completely comfortable with her small lips, but at least now she knows which lipstick colors work best for them.

And her boyfriend loves her small lips too! He’s always telling her how sexy they are and how he loves kissing them. So I guess in the end, it all worked out for her.


What is the best color of lipstick for small lips?

The best lipstick for small lips is a pastel color. From cool pale pink tones to plummy pinks, there are many great shades of pastel lipsticks that will help your lips look cute and natural.

Darker shades are too bold for small lips and often result in lipsticks overwhelming your features.

Choosing the perfect lipstick for your delicate, porcelain-like features can be difficult because not every color works well with them and it’s hard to know what will flatter you without trying it on in person first.

In this article, you are going to learn about the best small lipsticks and find out how to pick the perfect shade for your small lips.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Lipstick for Small Lips

Because small lips are usually thin and delicate, they usually have a hard time holding on to lipsticks and often end up looking dry and unnatural. To find the best color lipstick for small lips, you should consider the following factors:

1. The Color of Your Lips

The color of your lips is important because the best lipstick color for small lips will depend on the shade of your natural lips. If you want to look natural, you should avoid lipsticks that are too bright and instead pick a pastel color.

The best color lipstick for small lips will look gorgeous when paired with almost any shade of natural lip. The lipstick should blend in naturally and enhance the natural tone of your lips instead of overpowering them.

Makeup artist applying pink lipstick to lips of woman
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2. The Color of Your Skin

The color of your skin is another important factor to consider when choosing the right lipstick color. Some colors will not flatter everyone and are more suited to certain skin tones than others. If you have light skin, you can wear bright pink lipsticks or dark reds if you like, but dark colors may not work with your light complexion as well as they might on someone with a darker complexion.

3. The Shape of Your Lips

If your lips are large and full, you might be able to pull off different colors than someone with small lips. Just make sure the lipstick is not a distracting color because dark colors can overpower your small lips and make them look flat. The best color lipstick for small lips is usually a pastel pink or similar light shade so it blends in naturally.

4. Your Tastes and Style

If you love dark shades and bold colors, go ahead and choose them. There is no right or wrong when it comes to color. Just make sure that the lipstick you choose is flattering enough so you have a beautiful smile to show off!

How to Make Lipstick Work for Small Lips

To make lipstick work for small lips, you should not overapply it.

Warm weather can cause your natural lip color to appear brighter and you might want to apply more lipstick during the summer months than you would in the winter.

When choosing your lipstick, also keep in mind that most people look better with lighter shades at work, where they don’t want to wear much makeup or stand out.

Close up photo of charming girl hold pomade try check new lips stick matte effect isolated over pastel color background
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Most women who have small lips like to pair it with nude eyeshadow and lots of mascara instead of applying a bunch of different shades all over their lips.

This look is very popular right now, especially because it makes dark hair stand out if you have blonde or brunette hair but still gives you the opportunity to flaunt your pretty pout.

Also, if your lips are naturally darker, you might want to consider applying a lip liner before applying the lipstick. It is important that the application is accurate and lines up with your natural lip line.

Using a lip pencil will also prevent dark lipstick from bleeding outside of your lips’ natural line and making them look unnatural.

Bold colors are not always flattering for small lips but nude tones can work well. You just need to choose the right shade! If you like bold colors, you should try darker, darker shades instead of lighter ones so they don’t look too harsh on your face.