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  • Using expired makeup can lead to bacterial growth, breakouts, and other infections.
  • You can experience breakouts or risk reintroducing infections and irritations if your using expired lipstick.
  • Mold can also grow in old lipstick, leading to further skin irritation.
  • The color of the makeup may change over time, and it may start to smell differently than when it was first bought.
  • In general, makeup has a shelf life of one year before expiring.
  • To avoid bacteria growth and other health risks, be sure to follow guidelines for expiration dates when using cosmetics.

My mom and I argued about using expired lipsticks. I said that it was dangerous to use them because bacteria could grow, and she said that I was just being a fussy baby.

She has been using the same lipsticks for years, and they have never done her any harm. Plus, she doesn’t like to waste anything.

I told her some of the dangers include clogged pores, bacterial growth, mold growth!

She just shrugged and said that she would continue to use her expired lipsticks until they ran out. I shook my head in disbelief and went to my room to text my friends about how ridiculous my mom is.


Can I Use My Old Lipstick?

What happens when you wear expired lipstick? Your lips can get irritated or dried. You can experience itchiness around the mouth. There could be an allergic reaction, and you can also experience pain from it.

Did you find an old lipstick while cleaning up? You may be tempted to use this particular shade, but is it worth trying? It’s best to buy a new lipstick and save yourself from the hassle of visiting a dermatologist anytime soon.

Read on if you want to learn:

  • Can I use my old lipstick?
  • Is it okay to use expired lipstick?
  • How do I know if my lipstick is expired?
  • And more!

Let’s dig in.

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If your lipstick is twenty years old, toss it in the garbage immediately. In fact, it’s best to throw away lipsticks a year to two years old. You can read the product information on the package, which will also give you a clear idea about the shelf life.

According to Mayo Clinic Health System, there is a risk in using expired makeup that can lead to redness, irritation, and even infection. Thus, it would help if you were wary about using old lipsticks and makeup.

Is It Okay to Use Expired Lipstick?

It’s best not to use expired lipstick. When using an expired makeup product, there are chances of irritation, drying, and even skin infection because bacteria can spread.

If your lipstick is expired, it’s best to throw it away instead of using it. Instead, you should buy a new one!

How Do I Know If My Lipstick Is Expired?

You can check the product packaging to know whether it’s expired. You can also get information from the official website. However, also keep an eye on the following signs:

  • If you notice a weird smell, throw away the lipstick. The lipstick would have gone bad and, thus, not suitable for your use.
  • There could be a change in the color of the lipstick, indicating that it’s time to toss it in the garbage.
  • There could be spots on the lipstick, indicating that it’s not suitable for use.

It’s always good to be aware of your makeup products. Make sure you see the details on the packaging for more information on what to expect.

Tips to Keep In Mind for Lipsticks And Makeup

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You must be taking care of your lipsticks and makeup. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • First, invest in the products that you use!
  • Buy what’s useful, and don’t gather lots of lipstick and makeup.
  • Buy products of good quality. Always do your research before buying lipsticks.
  • Understand what causes an allergic reaction, especially if your skin is sensitive.
  • Always be sure about the product’s expiration date, as it’s not worth taking the chance. What’s the point of using a product that affects your beauty instead of making you prettier? So, discard the old and expired lipsticks now.

If you notice signs or symptoms that irritate your skin or make it itchy or dry and the condition doesn’t improve, consult your doctor. In some cases, you may need to consult a dermatologist.

It’s best to take care of your skin and only get fresh makeup products and lipsticks for yourself and others!

Wrapping It Up

Using expired or old lipstick is not ideal. It’s best to get a fresh one or use the lipstick until it’s good for you! Notice the expiration date or the life of the lipstick once you open it.

You can get information on the product packaging and also visit the official website to learn more about the brands of lipsticks. If the lipstick smells funny or has a weird color, it’s best not to take any chance and discard it!

After all, it would be best if you had a reason to get more makeup in your vanity box.