A trend of wearing ugly shoes continues. Somehow, comfort overpowered the style, and that has become the most important thing.

This time the rise of sporty sandals has occurred, with many girls experimenting with and loving the trend. Teva sandals epitomize this trend.


Teva sandals give us certain ‘90s vibes, but they are also so comfortable that nothing else matters. People adore them same as Birkenstock slides. The great thing about them is that they match with both casual, chic, and sporty items. You can see that It girls wear them with silk skirts, printed dresses, and jeans.

Let’s check out how you can feel comfortable during the hot summer days in Teva sandals, still feeling stylish and chic.

13 Fashionable Teva Sandal Styles

Silk and Sporty Sandals

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How do you feel about the dad sandal trend? To be honest, I’ve always owned a pair, but not in a trendsetting kind of way. Growing up in the West, Tevas are standard issue camping gear—equally good for rivers and lakes as they are for wearing with a cozy pair of socks around the campfire. . When I first noticed these becoming a trend, I wasn’t so sure. I’m not a big trend follower to begin with and it seemed silly to make a trend out of something so utilitarian. . But I have to admit I was wrong. It’s been so much fun to see all the different ways people are working them into their personal style. It’s given me some major inspiration! . So in the spirit of experimentation, I threw them on with a satin slip dress and this adorable vintage sweater. I never would have guessed I’d put this outfit together, but it is giving me life! So luxe and elegant, but also somehow cool and laidback. I’ll definitely be playing with this juxtaposition more this summer!

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Who would have guessed that silk skirt and sporty Teva sandals can make such an exciting and stylish combination? Well, if you are interested into something chic and comfy, then this outfit is the right one. It has it all! The beautiful color of the skirt will match with white tee while sandals keep you comfortable all day long.

Sporty in Black and White

Feeling sporty these days? If you are going out hiking or training on a hot summer day, you should definitely know to dress appropriately. A pair of black sporty leggings, made of the best materials and comfortable white tee will make you both stylish and sports-ready.

Black and White Floral Dress

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Teva sandals are actually versatile pair of shoes that you can use for many casual, sporty and elegant combinations. Fanny pack is one of the trendiest items at the moment, so don’t hesitate to wear it for everyday events.

Denim Overalls and Sandals

For those leisure and relaxed weekends, we all need a pair of denim overalls and a pair of Teva sandals. This combination will provide us with an extra dose of comfort and style during the warm summer days. You can always add some hair accessory like a girl in the photo above.

Midi Dress for Summer

With your yellow Teva sandals and polka dot midi dress, you can hike, go for a picnic, and do many other things, feeling stylish and pleasant. Even though you don’t believe in this sporty-elegant combination, it will make you feel and look great.

Nice and Eccentric Combination

As Teva sandals provide us with the ‘90s vibes, this girl decided her whole combination to be like that. High-waisted colorful jeans in vibrant blue and printed lilac tee – all these finished with sandals and a statement bag.

Floral Skirt and Black Sandals

Chic and casual – this is how you can describe this lovely outfit. On the one hand, it is effortless – white tee, floral skirt, and comfy sandals. Perfect for everyday wear. However, with the right details, such as croc crossbody bag and headband, you get a chic look for both casual and elegant wear.

Minimalism At Its Best

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Hey Friday! Give us some sunshine today

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While some girls love colors, interesting designs, and experiment with styles, the others opt for a chic and minimal wardrobe that never goes out of style. Both of these ways are great, and you can look perfect wearing clothes in both ways. Minimalism is fantastic for busy women, seeking for comfort and eternal style.

Interesting Pattern

When you pick the shoes that have an interesting design, you don’t need to pay attention to your clothes that much. Plain white jeans will do the work, with some casual and chic tee or button-down. You will look great and feel comfortable. Is there anything better than that?

Summer Combination

Straw bags are the absolute must-have for this season. You can match it with casual and elegant pieces. Here, this girl opted for a military-green tee, high-waist shorts, and printed Teva sandals. This combination is perfect for days spent outside, at the seaside or countryside.

Denim on Point

Different colors of denim might seem a bit confusing, but we have to admit the combo looks perfect. Blue denim jacket and white denim mini skirt will make you look great! Finish this look with a black camisole and brown Teva sporty sandals.


An oversized and beige outfit like this, won’t only make you look great. It will also make you feel pleasant, especially in warm summer months, when you don’t want any part of your body to burn. When it comes to sandals, they will definitely become your new favorites.

Ruffled Dress

Polka dot print is again in style. The cutter, the better! It is important not to mix it with anything else, but to let the dress in this print be the statement piece of the outfit. White Teva sandals and the straw bag will be your companion for weekend days at the market.

About Teva

Teva Universal Original Review | Budget Tech Sandals

Founded in 1984, the Teva Fashion Brand’s name comes from the Hebrew term “nature” invented by a geophysicist named Mark Thatcher according to Wikipedia (Source).

And it’s original meaning can be translated into developing a natural brand.

One of their many great products includes strapless sandals  Thanks to this invention, Teva is a big reason why flip-flop sandals became so popular due to the nylon straps effectiveness in preventing sandals from sliding off and they are an excellent type of footwear to use for walking and for sports.

Teva Flatforms + Lookbook

One of the other benefits according to the New York Times is that the company’s flip flop sandals became very popular with people who are fashion models like Bella Hadid (who wore them during the 2019 Ms. Sui Spring Show) and with some people who like to go on carnival rides because the durable straps prevent the flip flop sandals from slipping off.

The Wilder shoes, on the other hand, are very popular among customers because they have the most positive reviews according to Zappos which allows people to hike very long distances without the worry or concern of discomfort. Wet and dry conditions are the best type of hiking conditions to use the shoes on as that is what the shoes were mainly designed for. The secret about these shoes is they are made from rubber designed to help provide comfortable walking for hikers. I thought about buying the Wilder shoes as a birthday gift for my mom.

Hurricane 3 Sandals are another whole new creation for kids. The company’s sandals for kids provide a solid hiking sandal. The company wants to make sure it caters to all people (kids and grownups as well) so they can start planning their getaway vacations and purchase the all-new Hurricane 3 Sandals. The sandals feature a comfortable nylon designed strap which can easily be taken off and it makes sure the sandal doesn’t fly off on rugged terrain.

The Tirra Leather Sandals would be an ideal fit for women who are looking to buy a product. The Leather Sandals design for biking fits the notion of going on a great adventure as it comes with a Shoc Pad designed to make it easier to hike on any sort of terrain out in the wilderness or the mountains. Another version of these Sandals, the Women’s Terra Fi Lite Leather, come with a terrain themed design. One major difference the Terra Fi Lite has from the Tirra Leather is the color design of the sandal straps but they both come with similar features as seen in the product description.

A fun product design the company rolled out are flip-flops that don’t have any hand straps on them as most other sandals do. The new Women’s Olowahu Leather Flip Flops come with a leather design where you can comfortably put on them and give you comfort for your feet.

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