Mini backpacks can be a great way to carry all of your things without being weighed down. A lot of designer bags are shamelessly built for style and style only, but some are comfortable, durable, offer a large storage capacity, and look amazing. Choosing a mini backpack that’s going to outlast a single season and look great doing it can be a challenge.

Some of us need a backpack built to withstand hiking, biking, and other athletic activities, some of us want a bag that adds a chic element to our everyday outfits, and some of us just want a bag that is big enough to carry out phone, wallet, keys and make-up without overstuffing.

Regardless of what you need a min backpack for, there is one out there that will fit all of your criteria.

So, we went straight to Instagram to find the best mini backpack for you.

Louis Vuitton Mini

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The Louis Vuitton mini monogram backpack is a stylish way to carry your things around. Colourful_nior sports her Louis Vuitton mini with a Burberry trench coat, black denim, and matching boots as she tackles her daily responsibilities of being a parent. This bag is a great choice for people who want style and storage capacity out of a mini backpack.

Chloe Faye Bag

The texture of the Chloe Faye Mini Backpack flap is suede and the rest of the exterior is leather. It features the iconic gold Chloe buckle. Lemurelle takes her Chloe backpack to the streets of Seattle, Washington. She dresses casually in jeans, a cheetah bandanna, and classic round sunglasses. The Chloe bag gives her entire outfit just the right touch.

Kate Spade Mini Wilson Bradley

Kate Spade designs a little backpack that will be a go-to during the spring for casual outings and shopping trips. Anyone who likes Kate Spade purses will love the Mini Bradley. In this photo, you can see how vibrant the floral design is on this black bag. The backpack features golden hardware and a handy front pocket for easy access to your most essential items.

Saint Laurent Small Lou Lou Backpack

The Lou Lou Mini by Saint Laurent is strikingly edgy in the best way. In this photo, you can see this leather black bag placed in front of skull pillows. The Lou Lou features a chevron design and a silver Saint Laurent logo on the front. Exclusive.Lee deems this bag cute and practical.

Gucci Marmont Backpack

This little Gucci Marmont is a great way to make a stylish statement. In Neoluxuries_new photo you can see all the detail Gucci put into crafting this bag. This bag features a chevron design on its exterior and gold hardware. The most impressive part of this bag is the chain detail on the back.

The Rebecca Minkoff Denim Back Pack

This denim Rebecca Minkoff is unique, to say the least. The denim features different colorful patches on the front such a beer mug, a patriotic peace sign, a California emblem, and much more. The top handle and straps of this little backpack are made of denim also. The bag features silver hardware that would go well with other silver accessories. Overall the Rebecca Minkoff backpack would be the go-to bag for someone who wants a casual bag that will hold everything they need.

Fendi Black Mini Backpack

This Fendi Roma backpack is an edgy statement piece. The stitched design on the leather gives this mini backpack depth and personality. The silver hardware and Fendi Roma logo add a nice touch to the overall design. As you can see in the photo the Fendi Roma would go well with both casual and more elegant pieces.

Chanel Turn Lock Leather Backpack Bag

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Chanel backpack addiction ❤️ #Chanelbackpack

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If you love black leather and chains than the Chanel Turn Lock backpack was made for you. The bag features two gold turn locks fashioned into the iconic Chanel double C logo on the front for easy access to all of your favorite items. Manondurst wears her Chanel bag with a black overcoat, blacked-out sunglasses, and matching gold jewelry for a chic look. This would be a stylish addition to any outfit.

Tory Burch Mini Backpack

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TORY BURCH Taylor Backpack Size : 10" (L) × 13” (H) × 7" (D) 9,500.- ✔️ สินค้า brandname แท้ 💯 ✔️ สอบถาม/สั่งซื้อ 🆔 @mmd3631p (ฝ้าย) 👉🏻 ✔️ ขายจริง ส่งจริง ✔️ รับประกันการส่งของด้วยหน้าบัตรประจำตัวประชาชนได้ค่ะ ✔️ สะดวกส่ง ปณ. EMS./KEERY แค่นี้นะคะ แต่ละวันส่งของเยอะค่ะ ไม่สะดวกนัดรับใดๆทั้งสิ้นค่ะ รีบเร่งรีบใช้ผ่านก่อนได้ค่ะ #toryburchthailand #toryburchbag #toryburchbackpack #toryburchcrossbody #toryburchcrossbodybag #toryburchshoulderbag #toryburchtotebag #toryburchhandbag #toryburchกระเป๋า #toryburchกระเป๋าเป้ #toryburchเป้ #กระเป๋าtoryburch #กระเป๋าเป้toryburch #เป้toryburch

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The Tory Burch Mini is an elegantly simple mini backpack made of leather. The Tory Burch bag features two braided tassels and a matching top handle. In this photo, you can see the mini Tory Burch in great detail. Hisobrandname836_bythanidaa shows us how great this Tory Burch bag would look with snakeskin shoes, but it would also look great with sandals or heels.

Micheal Kors Rhea Mini Backpack

Bagsobsessed_10 posted a photo of the Micheal Kors Rhea in burgundy alongside various items that will fit into this mini backpack with ease. It features multiple zipper pockets with silver hardware and a top handle. This backpack has a very feminine design that would go well with dresses, a tailored pantsuit, or a nice blouse.

Dickies Mini Backpack

The Dickies Mini backpack is designed just like other Dickies backpacks. Dickies has always built their products durable for everyday use. In this photo, you can see this is a mini backpack that still resembles a backpack. It features two zipper pockets and a dickies logo stitched on the front. This backpack would go well with denim or other casual outfits.

Mary Frances Mini Backpack

Winnipegstyle is obsessed with her Mary Frances mini backpack. She use to struggle to find the perfect bag to take on the go until she found this embellished beauty at Mary Frances. that also matches She likes that it can fit all her items and still go well with her sophisticated style.

Adidas Mini Backpack

Gofitjo snaps an Instagram photo of her Adidas mini backpack. This particular mini backpack, a collaboration with Brazilian brand The FARM company, features a tropical design and two roomy zipped pockets. The striking contrast between the colorful tropical print and the black and white pepper design is eye-catching, to say the least. This is a great backpack for someone who likes to hike or partake in other athletic activities.

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Saint Laurent Black Canvas City$716.00
Saint Laurent | Loulou Small Backpack In Matelass+¬ Y Leather | BlackOrchard Mile$1,690.00
Fendi FF 1974 Mini Backpack, Brown, Women'sBergdorf Goodman$1,980.00
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STATE Bags - Mini Lorimer Backpack in$122.50
The Professional: Leather Backpack Purse | Holly & TanagerHolly & Tanager$550.00
Caraa Convertible Studio 2 Bag Black Backpack CrossbodyCaraa$395.00
Barneys New York Women's Faux-Leather BackpackBarneys Warehouse$60.00

Choosing A Mini Backpack

What’s In Her Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack + Mini Review

Mini backpacks are essential carrying accessories that can be used for carrying small personal stuff like a laptop, pair of shoes, lunch box, water bottle, etc. Thus, they are for everyone. For anyone shopping for the appropriate backpack, the following tips will help you get your hands on one:

1. Consider Backpack Material

It goes without saying that these sub backpacks come in an extensive range of materials, including leather, denim, cordura, nylon, cotton canvas, polyester and PVC fabric. Nonetheless, the materials vary in terms of quality with leather being one of the best. For instance, it is more durable, looks better and easier to maintain. Denim is also not that bad in terms of durability though the material can fade significantly over time. The rest are moderate terms of durability, look, maintenance and other related aspects.

2. Formal, Casual or a Formal-Casual Mini Backpack?

It is important to understand that most small-size backpacks are designed for a particular attire or occasion with only a few backpacks suited to all attires or occasions. Formal backpacks are characterized by a formal look with very minimal decorations if any. Casual backpacks, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. For instance, these types of backpacks are made of a casual look with colors, decorations or other elements that never match with official clothing. Hence they are suited to casual attires. Finally,formal-casual backpacks combine casual and formal looks into one. Thus, they can successfully be matched with official clothing, non-official clothing or something in between.

3. Adult’s, Children’s, Men’s or Women’s Backpack?

While some backpacks are meant for all categories of users i.e men, women, adults, and children, most backpacks are designed for a specific category of users whether that be men, women, adults or children. Men’s backpacks are characterized by colors not too bright, minimal decorations and generally a masculine look. Women’s backpacks, on the other hand, are quite the opposite with commonly a feminine look. When it comes to children’s backpacks, these backpacks are characterized by cartoons, bright colors, and other elements that are associated with kids.

4. Consider Backpack Size

It goes without saying that these types of backpacks come in many different sizes from which to select. Here are some of the most common mini backpack sizes, according to Blended Designs:

  • Campus backpacks—18.5 inches.
  • Standard backpacks—17 inches.
  • Youth backpacks—15 inches.
  • Toddler backpack—12 inches.

There is no doubt about the fact that you will need to pay attention to your needs and circumstances in choosing the correct size. If you are undecided, choose a 17 or 18.5 inches backpack. At least you will be able to pack more stuff in one.

5. Decide On The Type

According to Export World Travel, mini backpacks come in an extensive range of types. These include general backpacks and laptop backpacks. The former can be used for carrying any item as long as it can fit in the backpack whereas the latter laptops. What you intend to use your backpack for should be the main decisive factor in this case.

When shopping for the right mini backpack, it is imperative that you consider the material, attire for which a backpack is designed and the category of users for which the backpack is intended. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the size and decide as to the type of backpack you want, whether it be a laptop backpack or a general one. That said, good luck shopping.