Lip Filler Aftercare: [9+ Things to Avoid After Lip Injections]

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  • Lip fillers are a minimally invasive procedure used to achieve fuller lips.
  • Swelling and bruising are common side effects, but should be minor.
  • Ice can help with swelling and pain.
  • It is important to avoid strenuous activity, high temperatures, and alcohol for the first few days after treatment.
  • The final results will take about 4 weeks to be visible, and will last for 6 months.

“Hey, have you heard about lip fillers?” my best friend said to me over breakfast one day. “I’m thinking about getting them done.”

I had to admit that I was curious about the procedure. I’d always been fascinated by the idea of getting lip fillers, but I was worried about the Aftercare. I knew it wasn’t a permanent fix, and I was worried about how much swelling and bruising there would be after the procedure.

“I’ve heard that they’re really painful,” I said to her. “And the Aftercare is a pain.”

“Yeah, but the results are so worth it,” she said. “I mean, just look at Kylie Jenner.”

Kylie Jenner had always been my beauty icon. I followed her every move on social media, and when she got lip fillers, I knew that I wanted to get them too.

So a few weeks later, my best friend and I went to get our lips done together. We were both a little nervous, but excited for the results.

The procedure only took a few minutes, and we didn’t experience too much pain. However, we did have a lot of swelling and bruising afterward. It was definitely not fun.

But after a few days, the swelling went down and we started to see our new lips! They weren’t quite as big as Kylie Jenner’s, but they were definitely bigger than our natural lips. And we loved them!

We had to get regular injections to maintain our new lips, but it was definitely worth it. We felt more confident and beautiful with our fuller lips. Plus, it was always fun to show off our new look to our friends.

In terms of aftercare, we made sure to avoid alcohol and flying for the first week after our procedure. We also slept with our head elevated on pillows to reduce swelling. And we avoided makeup on our lips for the first day or two.

Overall, getting lip fillers was a great experience. It was definitely worth it for the results. And we had a lot of fun showing off our new look to our friends!


10 Things to Avoid After Lip Injections

After getting lip filler, you might wonder what to avoid after your procedure. First, following the aftercare instructions provided by your doctor is essential to ensure optimal results and minimize any potential side effects.

This blog post will list the things you should avoid so that your lips heal up in the most efficient way possible.

1. Garlic/Onion

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Although these smells seem appealing, they are terrible for your skin. It can also cause heartburn, nausea, and even infection. Experts recommend avoiding foods like garlic and onions for a few weeks.

If you must eat them again during this period, then it’s best to do so after the 3-4th week of your lip filler treatment.

2. Lipstick or Lip Balm

You should wait a few days to start wearing lipstick or lip balm. You must give your lips time to heal.

If you put on lipstick, then it can cause bleeding, and your lips won’t look as natural. You can wear tinted products, but they are not as hydrating as a lip balm.

It will be hard without a little hydration, but try not to worry because the swelling will fade in time.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is something that you should avoid after getting lip filler injections. Studies have shown that alcohol can cause thinning of the lips, which is not what you want.

Your lips may look more natural without the need for fillers, but it’s certainly not worth the potential side effects.

4. Kissing

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You can’t kiss your partner, family, or friends for a while (no matter how much you love them). It’s best to avoid any contact with the lips because it could cause bruising.

5. Flying

Flying can cause dehydration and leave you with big and swollen lips. So it’s best to avoid flying for at least a few days after getting lip injections.

6. Smoking or Tanning

You should avoid smoking or tanning for at least a few days after lip injections. Protecting your lips from the harmful effects of cigarettes and the UV rays of tanning beds is necessary.

7. Salt Water

It’s best to steer clear from swimming in the ocean or salt water for a few weeks after getting lip filler injections. The salt in these bodies of water can cause even more swelling, plus it’s going to be very hard to readjust your lips after returning from vacation.

8. Hot Drinks

You should avoid hot drinks for a few days after lip injections. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, and iced drinks will make your lips look swollen. Just stick with soda water or seltzer water if you must have something hot.

9. Sleeping On Your Face

It’s best to avoid sleeping on your face for a while after getting lip injections. It will allow your lips to rest and heal to appear their natural size.

10. Exercising

It’s important to avoid strenuous exercising for a few days because you could end up with bruised lips.


Can you Eat After Lip Fillers?

You can eat fruit, vegetables, grains, and coffee. After the first week, it’s safe to start eating small amounts of anything you like.

But you should avoid drinking soda water, eating hot foods, and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks after lip injections.

What Diet Should I Follow?

After getting lip filler injections, you should adhere to a strict diet. You should avoid eating anything that doesn’t fit your diet.

Your lips might look like they want to balloon, but they will deflate after the swelling goes down. Make sure you follow a healthy diet by eating lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats.

Can you Take Painkillers After Lip Filler?

It’s best to avoid taking painkillers after lip filler injections. The pain is a natural part of the process, and it will be hard to get through the discomfort if you take an NSAID.

Your doctor will advise you on managing the pain from these treatments.

How Long Do Lips Stay Swollen After Fillers?

It’s impossible to tell how long your lips will stay swollen after injections. Some people will swell for a couple of days, but other individuals may swell for about one week.

It will be hard for you to describe the swelling because everybody experiences it differently.


As you can see, there is much to know about lip filler and what you should avoid after the procedure. The list above is by no means exhaustive, but you can start to see how important it is for your lips to take a break from all of their activities for a few weeks.

This way, they can heal properly without the negative side effects of their previous lifestyle.