Is Waterproof Mascara Good for Your Eyelashes? [No, but…]

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  • Waterproof mascara is okay to use as long as you know how to remove it properly- especially if you are using a waterproof mascara remover
  • You need an oil-based makeup remover to break down the waterproof mascara, because anything water-based will not work
  • You can condition your lashes with oil at night, or use a lash serum
  • Wearing waterproof mascara every day will not damage your lashes if you remove it properly

My friend became obsessed with waterproof mascara a few years ago. She loved the way it made her eyes look, and she loved that it stayed on through all of the activities she did during the day.

However, she didn’t love the way it made her eyes feel.

At first, she was diligent about taking her waterproof mascara off every night before bed. However, as time went on, she became lax about removing it correctly.

Eventually, this led to her losing her natural lashes when she removed them.

She realized that she needed to take corrective action and go back to taking her waterproof mascara off correctly every night.

She also invested in some waterproof mascara removal wipes and a special oil-based formula to help remove all of the waterproof mascara from her lashes.

(This video helped my friend figure out a waterproof mascara removal routine that worked for her)

Now, she is able to enjoy the benefits of waterproof mascara without damaging her natural eyelashes.

She still takes it off correctly every night, and she uses the removal wipes and formula to make sure that all of the waterproof mascara is removed from her lashes.


So Is Waterproof Mascara Good for Your Eyelashes Or Is It Bad?

Is waterproof mascara good for your eyelashes? The answer to this question can vary based on how it is actually worn. In fact, if you do not want to have problems with the condition of your natural eyelashes, you may want to pay close attention to the advice and recommendations that many of today’s dermatologists share.

Thankfully, this essential information is available online and can help you to wear waterproof mascara properly without any unnecessary hassles or problems.

According to the advice provided by these professionals, here are 3 things that you should know.

1. Waterproof mascaras can dry out your natural lashes

To keep the mascara from running down your face doing the summer months, mascara manufacturers have created formulas for more than one type of mascara. This is because manufacturers are selling both traditional mascara (non-waterproof) and waterproof mascara to consumers.

For instance, to make sure that the mascara is resistant to water, tears, and sweat, these mascaras are made with silicones and waxes.

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Unfortunately, these and other added ingredients are not good for the health of your own natural lashes. Simply put, if you wear waterproof mascara all of the time without taking it off, your lashes will become dry, which may eventually lead to the natural eyelashes falling out.

2. Must Remove Waterproof Mascara the Right Way

Did you know that there is a right way and wrong way to remove your waterproof mascara? If not, it is important that you learn the proper way to remove your waterproof mascara before you take it off your lashes the next time.

Since these formulas are meant to last on your eyelashes for extended periods of time, you need to become familiar with the multi-step process that allows you to do it right. For instance, here are the steps that you should use every time.

3. Invest in make-up removing wipes

Use make-up-removing wipes to rub the mascara off repeatedly. Normally takes a lot of rubbing (i.e. going back and forth), particularly if you want to remove all of these substances. You can also use a towel to see if there are any remnants of these formulas left on your natural lashes.

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Go back over the eye area with a cotton pad that has a specially made formula for removing waterproof makeup (i.e. oil-based removal formula).

4. Remove waterproof mascara before going to bed at Night

Even though the extra preparation for bed at night may be an unwelcome nightly practice, removing your waterproof mascara is not a luxury but a necessity.

Actually, if you are wearing waterproof mascara during the day, it is very important that you are following the mascara removal steps provided for you above. These steps are essential for a number of different reasons, including making sure that you keep your natural eyelashes in good moist condition.

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For instance, according to Dr. Engleman, in the publication, “Sleeping with Mascara”, if you do not want your stiff natural eyelashes (coated with waterproof formula) to bend and break off, you need to take the time to remove your waterproof mascara before you retire.

If you fail to remove your waterproof mascara properly, you increase the chances of this happening, particularly when you are tossing and turning throughout the night.


Is waterproof mascara good for your eyelashes? As you can see, the answer to this question usually depends on the individual and their maintenance and nightly routines.

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Typically, if you are wearing waterproof mascara, you’ll need to follow the advice and recommendations of today’s dermatologists. Since the ingredients in these formulas contain waxes and silicon to length and stiffen the natural lashes, your lashes can easily become dry and brittle over time.

Yet, if you follow the proper steps in removing the waterproof mascara, you can eliminate issues that cause your natural eyelashes to bend and break off while you are asleep at night.