Is It Ok to Eat Lipstick? Can It Actually Harm You?

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  • No, it’s not OK to eat lipstick because it contains toxic chemicals, such as aluminum, cadmium, lead, chromium, and various toxic metals
  • These toxic chemicals can have serious health repercussions if ingested in small quantities over time
  • To avoid ingesting these toxins, buy lipsticks that are free of parabens and smudge-proof, and which are developed to stay on the lips for longer periods
  • Did you know that the average woman ends up consuming about 4 to 9 pounds of lipstick over the course of their lifetime!
  • This varies depending on how often each woman wears lipstick and how much makeup they use in general. But no matter who you are, lipsticks don’t just disappear- they end up geting smudged and eaten!

My friend in high school had a bad habit of eating lipstick. I would always find her with bits of lipstick smeared all around her mouth, and I would always lecture her about the dangers of doing so.

I told her that lipstick is made of toxic chemicals that can harm her health, and that she should stop eating it.

She didn’t listen to me at first, but eventually I convinced her to stop. I told her about all of the dangers of eating lipstick, and how it could affect her health in the long run.

I also explained to her that there are healthier ways to keep her lips looking nice, without having to eat toxic lipstick.

My friend eventually listened to me and stopped eating lipstick. She began using safer lip cosmetics that didn’t contain any harmful chemicals. And she has been much healthier ever since.


So, is lipstick edible?

Is it ok to eat lipstick? Can it cause harm to health? The answer to these questions is yes, particularly since there are ingredients in lipstick that can cause harm to your health.

Even though many women like to put lipstick on their lips for beauty, it is important to be aware of what ingredients are in lipstick so that you can avoid any health risks that come along with using them.

So, let’s get started by discussing what ingredients are in lipstick and what they do if you or someone else decided to ingest it. Here are some of the key ingredients in lipstick and what each of them can do to adversely affect your health

1. Toxins: In the Different Ingredients in Lipstick

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You may or may not know that there are specific ingredients in lipstick that that’s considered to be toxic. Some of the most notable toxins that are found in its composition are as follows:

  • Manganese
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Aluminum

Each of these ingredients are not meant to be injected in any way inside of your body. This is primarily due to the fact that these toxins may eventually accumulate and cause the body to malfunction.

For instance, if women were to ingest their accidentally swallow their lipstick while eating, they may begin to experience certain side effects of manganese toxicity such as: headaches, muscle spasms, insomnia or loss of appetite.

Of course, however, the amount of manganese that would be needed to cause a toxic effect in the body would be quite high.

2. Skin Allergies: Bismuth Oxychloride

If you have ever had a reaction to the lipstick you were wearing, the problem that you are experiencing is most likely due to a chemical in the lipstick that is called bismuth oxychloride.

This ingredient is known for being very irritating to the skin since it has carcinogenic properties. This is an ingredient that is used in lipstick as a preservative.

So, it is important to make sure that you are reviewing the ingredients in your lipstick to make sure that preservatives are not used.

3. Nervous System Problems: Lead

As you do your research on this topic, you may also find that certain chemicals used in the cosmetics industry are also known to cause nervous system problems. For instance, a common component of many lipsticks on the market today is lead.

Lead is very toxic to the central nervous system and can cause a variety of problems including hormonal imbalances and neurobehavioral disorders. This is because it is a heavy metal that can cause the degeneration of the nervous system over time.

4. Wheezing, Coughing and Irritation of the Eyes: Dangerous Preservatives

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If you want to protect your health, you need to check the brand of lipsticks that you are wearing. A good rule of thumb is to look for dangerous preservatives that can lead to several different serious health concerns.

For example, some brands of lipsticks contain preservatives in them that are known to women to wheeze, cough and suffer from irritation of the eyes.


As you can see, eating lipstick can be very dangerous to the health of the consumer. This is why it is very important to read the ingredients of your lipstick before you put it on your lips.

Since you can accidentally ingest your lipstick while eating your food, you need to make sure that you are buying high-quality lipsticks that are not composed of harmful chemicals.

Fortunately, there is a lot of valuable information online that can help you to make the right choices when it comes to purchasing lipsticks. There are many sites that review lipstick brands and give you the ability to understand each of these ingredients.

For instance, if you want to minimize these problems or avoid these health issues altogether, you may only want to buy organic and natural lipsticks that do not contain any harmful chemicals.