Is It Ok To Use Mascara On Eyelash Extensions? [Yes, but…]

False eyelashes and eyelash brush with mascara
  • Mascara can be worn with both classic and volume lash extensions, but should not be used with hybrid extensions
  • When applied to volume lashes, mascara can add weight and cause the fan to close
  • Mascara can enhance natural lashes or extension lashes, but it is important to avoid certain types when using it with extensions
  • The pros of wearing mascara with lash extensions include adding volume and depth to natural lashes, and making extensions look more natural.
  • The cons of using mascara with lash extensions include the potential for adding weight that could lead to premature fall out, and the fact that it can close the fan of volume lashes, defeating the purpose.

I absolutely love my eyelash extensions! I never have to worry about clumpy lashes or raccoon eyes ever again. I can just wake up, add a little mascara to my extensions, and I’m good to go.

However, when I first got my extensions, I wasn’t sure how to apply mascara to them without causing any damage. I read a lot of articles online and talked to my lash technician about the best way to do it. After some trial and error, I finally found the right way to do it.

Here are a few tips for applying mascara to your lash extensions:

  • Only use waterproof mascara if you are absolutely sure that it is safe for lash extensions. Otherwise, stick with a water-based solution.
  • Avoid using heavy mascaras on your extensions – they can weigh them down and cause them to fall out prematurely.
  • If you are using volume lashes, avoid applying mascara altogether. It defeats the purpose.
  • When applying mascara, start at the base of your extension and wiggle the brush up towards the tip. Be gentle so you don’t pull on your lashes or damage the extension.
  • Always remove your mascara with a gentle eye makeup remover specifically designed for lashes. Do not use soap or oil-based solutions, as they can damage your extensions.

Following these tips will help ensure that your eyelash extensions look amazing – with or without mascara!


So, is it actually OK to wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

Yes, it is ok to wear mascara on eyelash extensions. Yet, you should only wear them with standard lash extensions, not volume lashes.

It would be best to stay off waterproof mascara, fiber mascara, and tube mascaras on lash extensions, as these brands would make it hard to remove. Rather, it is advisable to go for a more water-based solution and oil-free mascaras.


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Mascara is known to add volume and color to your lashes, making them more dramatic and eye-catching.

Mascara will make your lower lashes pop, creating a perfect balance between your natural lashes and extensions.

Suppose your lashes have started shedding off and leaving gaps. In that case, applying mascara will help fill the gaps extending your next lash appointment.

Some mascaras have keratin, vitamin E, biotin, and peptides as ingredients. When you apply mascara, these constituents in mascara nourish your natural lashes and help them grow.


Did you know that putting mascara on your lash extensions poses some risks to your lashes? Here are a few disadvantages of applying mascara on your lash extensions that you should know.

Most mascaras have sesame and eucalyptus as some of their ingredients. Suppose the eucalyptus or sesame comes into contact with your lash adhesives for prolonged periods.

They can break the bond between your natural lashes and lash extensions. Leading to them falling out prematurely.

Mascara is known to add some weight to your lash extensions. This extra weight could lead them to break, sag down or lose shape.

Applying mascara on your lash extensions is a bad idea if you want a more natural look. Mascara makes the fake lashes look more unnatural.

Applying mascara on your lash extensions can cause you to damage them when taking the mascara off. Especially if, while doing it, you are not so careful.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Mascara On Volume Lashes

Additional Weight

Wearing mascara on your lash extension will add extra weight to your lashes leading to them sagging and eventually falling off prematurely.

Closing The Fan

Volume lashes have the extra advantage. Applying mascara on a volume fan does more harm than helping you get that dramatic look you are going for. Mascara makes the volume lashes mingle together and close.

Types Of Mascara To Avoid On Lash Extensions

Waterproof Mascaras

Waterproof mascara is hard to wash off and contains ingredients that can weaken the lash glue causing your lashes to fall out prematurely.

Fibre Mascara

Fibre mascara has nylon, silk, and rayon as its ingredients. These fibers can be tough to remove from your extensions, leading to your natural lashes falling off.

Tube Mascara

The name tube mascara comes from the polymers in the formula used to make it. This mascara is ranked among the toughest to remove. Hence not the best option for your lash extensions.

What To Consider Before Putting On Mascara On Your Lashes

Eyelash extension procedure before after
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Applying mascara on your lash extension is different from applying mascara on your natural lashes. If you do it wrongly, you risk getting them to fall off prematurely. Here are a few tips on how to apply mascara to your lash extensions.

  • Clean, dry, and comb your lash extensions.
  • Softly apply mascara to both your natural and lash extensions.
  • Apply from the middle as you move towards the tips.
  • Don t apply mascara to the roots.
  • Ensure you only apply one layer of mascara to your lash extensions.

Final thoughts

Lash extensions are one of the best ways to upgrade your look from a simple natural look to a more sophisticated and glamorous look without using more time or budget on makeup products. From the insights above, it is evident that wearing mascara is an option if you want to try classic lash extensions.