How To Keep Lipstick On & Lasting No Matter What [5+ Ways]

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There are several ways to keep lipstick on long-term without any budging:

  • Exfoliate your lips before applying red lipstick to create a smooth base.
  • Prime your lips or use concealer to help the color last longer.
  • Line your lips with lip liner, and fill them in for extra long-lasting color.
  • Blot the first coat of lipstick with a tissue, then apply a second coat.
  • For extra staying power, powder your lips after applying lipstick.

Me and my best friend were determined to keep our lipstick on all day, no matter what. We had seen so many women throughout the years with perfect lipstick all day long, and we wanted to know how they did it!

We started by exfoliating our lips, as instructed. Then, we primed them with a lip primer, as recommended. We lined our lips with a matching color liner, as advised.

We applied our first coat of red lipstick, blotting afterwards as instructed. For our second coat of lipstick, we applied it in a dabbing and twisting motion, making sure to get color into every nook and cranny. Finally, we powdered our lips with a translucent powder, as recommended.

We felt confident that our lipstick would stay on all day now! But we wanted to make sure, so we headed out into the real world to test it out. We went to the grocery store, the mall, and even out to eat in the evening. Our lipstick stayed on perfectly the whole time!

We were so excited that we even decided to experiment further. We tried applying our lipstick with a brush, instead of directly from the tube. And we tried wearing it with a lip gloss on top.

Neither of those methods worked as well as just applying it straight from the tube, but it was still nice to know that we had options if we ever needed them.

In the end, we figured out that the key to keeping your lipstick on all day long is exfoliation, primer, liner, blotting after each coat, and powdering your lips at the end. It’s a lot of steps, but it’s worth it for perfect lipstick all day long!


So How Do You Keep Lipstick On & Last

Lipstick was in fashion long before the world became aware of a woman’s rights. Actors and actresses originally used it to help them sing their lines or enter the role of a character.

The word “lipstick” comes from lip + stick, which means to color, and for an insect that repeatedly sticks to things such as flowers.

In any case, lipstick is a cosmetic used primarily for decoration but can also be used to accentuate certain features like lips or cheeks. It has been 100% natural either way and it’s been around since ancient times because people have always loved its versatility and versatility.

The first people ever to use lipstick were the Egyptians – they used a red pigment to line and shade their lips.

1. Use A Lip Liner

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This is probably the best way to ensure that your lipstick lasts. Lip liners come in various shades – some are the same color as your lipstick, and others are darker.

The general idea behind it is to use the lip liner first, then apply the lipstick, and then apply a coat of gloss.

2. Use An Exfoliator Before Applying Lipstick

The key to making sure that your lipstick lasts moisture. Things like dryness, dehydration, and chapping will cause your lips to lose their moisture, so you must exfoliate before applying anything to them, including lipstick.

Exfoliating will help to hydrate and moisturize your lips to make them look better, smoother, and softer.

3. Use A Lip Plumper

For some people, plumping up their lips is not hard – they were born with big lips, and they are the kind of person that likes that look.

For other people, though, plumping up their lips is something they like to do because it’s a very sexy look; it changes the look of your face and makes you stand out from the masses.

This can also be achieved by using a lip liner to fill in your lips and a lot of gloss for shine.

4. Use A Lip Balm

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Many people may not realize this, but lip balm is very important when it comes to keeping your lipstick on.

People often apply a lot of gloss to their lips to get the look they want, but gloss can cause your lipstick to become sticky, which will cause it to smear or wear off while you enjoy yourself.

With a lip balm, you will have less of a problem with smearing and can also protect your lips from becoming chapped or dry when you have your lipstick on.

5. Apply A Lip Stain Before Putting On Lipstick

For this one, you will need to know what look you want for your lips. If you want a natural look and you want it to last all day, then you can apply a lip stain first.

A lip stain is the same color as your lipstick but is much lighter and more subtle. It will help keep your lipstick in place for a longer period so that when you apply it on top, the color will still be there even if it’s been hours since you’ve done anything to touch up your makeup.

6. Use A Lip Liner With A Lip Stain

For this, you can use the lip liner you used with the lip stain or get a new one. The important thing is that your lip liner and lipstick should be the same color because they will help keep your lipstick in place.

It will also help eliminate any streaks that might appear while you wear your lipstick.

7. Use An Eye Cream On Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick

Here’s another way to protect your lipstick from being smeared. For this one, you will need to use an eye cream on your lips before applying lipstick.

It doesn’t matter what kind of eye cream it is; it can be sweet almond oil or coconut oil as long as it exists to protect and hydrate your lips. Then, use your lipstick as normal and then put on some gloss on top of it all.

8. Use Lip Stain On Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick

If you want a natural look yet still want the protection of a stain, then there’s no harm in applying lip stain to your lips first before applying lipstick. There are a variety of different colors and brands that you can choose from to find the perfect one for you.

Lip stain won’t disappear no matter what you do, so it will be much better than putting on your lipstick and then reapplying it.


The best way to keep lipstick on is to use several different methods. You can use a lip liner to draw in your lips and give them a nice, full shape.

You can use an exfoliator to make your lips smooth and moisturized, so they’re easier to apply lipstick too. You can also use a lip balm as a protective layer so that you don’t have problems smearing or smudging your lipstick.