Slides are back in fashion. Especially Gucci slides (aka flip flops) that took the hearts of many women and men. So, if you were thinking about which shoes should definitely be in your closet this year – the answer is slides.

Those same rubber slides that you used to wear around the house, now are hugely popular and trendy among It girls. Fendi, Gucci, and many other brands seem to be taking the internet by storm, and it is on you to try to wear them with everyday staples.

Not only slides are very comfortable during the summer months, but they are very stylish as well. In this post, you will see how to embrace them, by matching them with casual clothes, as well as pleated skirts, flowy floral dresses, and other summer items.

The 10+ Best Gucci Flip Flops

Different Options

gucci flip flop pictures

Image Source: @iropaorgasmica

Whether you opt for strawberry print, rose or beige pattern, it doesn’t matter – all these Gucci slides will be your best companions in warm summer months. You can style them either with frayed hem jeans or with midi skirts. Either way, you choose, these slides will make your outfits feel comfortable and look stunning.

Casual For a Day

Casual For a Day

Image Source: @erinjflo

Crop top, leggings, and long jacket are casual items that all girls probably have in their wardrobes. You can feel comfortable at home as well by wearing this combination along with white Gucci slides. They will provide your feet with maximum comfort. Don’t hesitate to wear this look during weekend days, market shopping or picnics.

Blooming Slides

Blooming Slides

Image Source: @highfashionbrandz

If you are interested into floral design this summer, then don’t hesitate to try these printed slides. They are not only comfy but also very modern. We suggest wearing them with a maxi or midi dresses, ruffled or crochet ones. You will definitely be ready for the temperature rise.

Classic Gucci Colors

Classic Gucci Colors

Image Source: @toptiermia

Sometimes, it’s good to turn back to basics. These three colored slides are absolutely fantastic. They are made in classy Gucci design, and they are one of the most searched ones on Google. You can wear them with both sporty and casual clothes. Since they are unisex, both men and women can style them. Don’t hesitate to buy a pair!



Image Source: @hcpersonalshopper

Black is the favorite color of minimalist and chic women. They simply know how to style it with any other shade, as well to make all-black-everything looks. These PVC Gucci slides are great for both men and women that would like to make a statement.

Logo on Point

Logo on Point

Image Source: @_designergeekz

The logo trend is still more than present on the fashion scene. If you are into it, as much as other fashion bloggers and influencers, then it won’t be hard to incorporate it into everyday style. These beige Gucci slides are great for chic, stylish outfit combinations. You can style them with elegant pieces as well – long or midi dresses and skirts and flowy tops.

Pink is In!

pink gucci flip flop

Image Source: @i_portiascloset

Color block is very popular in fashion. You don’t need to combine all the colorful items you have, but one or two would be enough. Pink is one of the trendiest colors for summer. If you are still in doubt, just take a look at these gorgeous slides. They will make your summer outfits scream. They are bold, stylish, and most of all, very comfortable.

White Slides

white gucci slides

Image Source: @alisha.cammer

These white slides will be an excellent choice for your sun-kissed feet. In combination with some colorful nail polish, these slides will be on fire. Logo on them, as well as Gucci colors, green and red, will make them versatile for both casual and elegant wear. Whether you are more jeans type or you like your summer wardrobe to be flowy – these slides will be a great choice.

Closed Slides

Closed Slides

Image Source: @vvvcccshop

These kinds of slides are also known under the name mules. Gucci was one of the first brands introducing them to the fashion world. And you guess what? Everyone lost their minds over them. These are perfect for summer – made of great beige material, with gold buckle and chic Gucci shades. Wear them with – well, everything!

Platform Slides

gucci platform slides

Image Source: @_shop_lux_shop_

Platform slides like these will only make your summer days more comfortable. We promise you can wear them all day long, without feeling tired or your feet swollen. They are made of nice material, with Gucci logo all over the slide and sole. A beautiful combination of colors beige and burgundy will simply blow your mind off.

Black Leather

black gucci leather slides

Image Source: @nandaily

Wide front, as well as a leather sole – these slides, really look interesting as well as sophisticated. Black, in combination with green and red, will be your favorite mix of summer. You can style slides like these for everyday events, weekend picnics in the park, or for open market shopping.

More Details

More Details

Image Source: @gucci

Gucci is an Italian luxury brand with a variety of experimental and classic fashion statements. In recent years due to the use of social media- they’ve become even more popular with various celebrities and social media influencers showcasing their products.

The popularity of luxury brands like Gucci is in high demand.

They’re famous for their iconic GG monogram logo- the brand is used as a symbol of wealth, status and fashion sense. Gucci allows for a bold and distinct personality statement.

Our Favorite Slides

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Black Pursuit Slides$
Men's Rubber GG Slide Sandal$250.00GUCCI
Men's GG Supreme Tigers Slide Sandal$320.00GUCCI
Women's Ebony Pursuit Pool Slide Sandals$310.00Bloomingdale's
Women's Pink Rubber GG Slide Sandal$250.00GUCCI
Women's Pursuit Sand Stripe Pool Slides$290.00Bloomingdale's
Gucci - GG Blooms Supreme Slide Sandal$310.00GUCCI
Mens Web Slide Sandal,$210.00GUCCI
Princetown Leather Mule, Nero, Women's, 38EU$695.00Neiman Marcus
Children's GG Smiling Plants Slide Sandal$210.00GUCCI
Women's Rubber GG Slide Sandal$250.00GUCCI
Men's Rubber GG Slide Sandal$250.00GUCCI
Women's Great White Pursuit Rubber Gg Pool Slides$250.00Bloomingdale's
Men's Rubber GG Slide Sandal$250.00GUCCI
Gucci Logo-embossed rubber sliders$240.00Selfridges

A Video Review From Mr. Porter

The company was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy. Now one of the oldest, most influential and trendy luxury brands on the fashion and beauty market. After continuous expansion Gucci is presently a global company, having branches in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company makes an astonishing 4.2 billion dollars per year according to BusinessWeek magazine and is still growing in popularity.

One of the distinguishing features of Gucci is its variety and eclectic designs. The fashion company has a variety of fashion and beauty products. Apparel items being the focus, they provide men’s, women’s, children clothing, as well as jewelry, watches, cosmetics, perfumes, and decor products in stores as well as on their website at

One of its first products were handbags made from high-quality leathers and created by highly skilled craftsman. Being a high-end fashion company, they are known to have season collections at Milan fashion week.

Gucci fashion dedicated itself to being influential, innovative and progressive. Establishing a reinvention to a wholly modern approach to fashion.

Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele

Image Source: @gucci

One of the leading creative designers Alessandro Michele is a prominent figure within Gucci, creating a unique vision. Gucci is not only considered luxury for its one of kind designs, but also because of the use and manipulation of various expensive materials.

Some of Gucci’s more distinctive lines include those made from materials like pigskin, calf, and imported exotic animal skin. Waterproof canvas and satin are used for evening bags.

Gucci Butterfly

Gucci Butterfly

Image Source: @be_chic_be_fab

One of Gucci’s iconic designs is its lush butterfly patterns introduced in 1964. The pattern was used on custom made silk foulards followed by an equally luxurious floral pattern.

Another popular item that Gucci is known for is the Gucci Loafer, which is now one of the most popular fashion items on social media in men’s apparel. For women assorted the double-G logo for belt buckles is also a popular item on social media.

Gucci has a straightforward approach- create beautiful and unique designs that many fashion-forward people enjoy immersing themselves in.

Gucci remains at the forefront of how many of us display our personality through the accessories that addorn our attire. From the classics of the 60s to the innovations of the 21st-century fashion, Gucci will continue to be a staple of luxury design.