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embroidered jeans

If you love denim, then you will adore embroidered jeans. Embroidery is a wonderful way to make casual things look unique, DIY, or simply to impress others with the design of your clothes.

Embroidery adds a pop of color to your wardrobe. It is great for all those girls that like to make a statement with the clothes. Whether you are into flora, fauna or you like Aztek and other abstract ornaments to appear on your jeans, embroidery is a great thing to work with.


In the last few years embroidery has taken the hearts of many It girls. It is everywhere, from jeans, denim jackets to flowy summer blouses and dresses.

If you want to look great this summer, check out the outfits below.

The 14+ Best Embroidered Jeans Looks

Floral Embroidery

There is nothing more casual than a white tee and skinny jeans combination. You can make this combination even more enhanced by choosing your skinnies to be embroidered. Pick floral print – it will definitely attract many views and comments.

Summer in Embroidered Jeans

Even though some girls avoid wearing jeans in the summertime, others love to style them with loose tops and scarves. They can actually be pretty great at beach parties. Combine them with espadrilles, beige linen blouse and a scarf in the same shade.

Embroidered Overalls

Overalls are a timeless piece of wardrobe that we all should have. If they are embroidered – even better! This summer, try short overalls and combine them with red wedge espadrilles, and a basic white tee. This combination is great for every day, picnics, and weekends.

Tropical Embroidery

If you are looking for something cool for summer, try these tropical embroidered jeans. They suit perfectly to any style. You can even wear them to work if jeans are allowed. Style them with white sneakers, flats, sandals, and espadrilles.

Jeans on Fire

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For girls that love bold clothes, there is nothing better than embroidery with fire motifs. You can style these jeans with lace-up boots, Dr. Martens or Chelsea boots. For the top choose printed or plain white tee. It is great for younger girls who like their style to be unique.

Frayed Hem Jeans

Floral embroidery is definitely the most popular one. Frayed hems became popular in the last few seasons, and since then, no one can stop wearing them. They work great with many different shoes – boots, Chelsea boots, sandals, as well as mules. It’s on you to choose!

High-Waisted Jeans

Sometimes, those outfits that you choose quickly in the morning turn out to be the best ones. Embroidered jeans, with beautiful white flowers, white top as well as fedora hat – these are the things that will make you look great.

Interesting Notes

Sometimes, wearing embroidery on your jeans isn’t all about flowers, tropical leaves, and fauna. You can send some interesting messages with your outfits as well. Hems of your jeans never looked more interesting, you have to admit that!

Ripped Jeans with Embroidery

Embroidery that makes a statement is pretty great. You can only wear jeans, without adding any other details, like a belt to make this look more interesting. Ripped part with embroidered roses will definitely blow everyone’s minds.

Cut White Embroidered Jeans

If you are not interested in having different colors, floral or fauna embroidery on your jeans, then opt for something more classy. White thread embroidery like this is perfect for those girls who are looking for sophisticated looks to make with their jeans.

Bell Jeans with Embroidery

As you might know, along with cowboy boots and fringes, bell jeans came back to style through the big door. Women adore them because of their functionality, practicality, and style. If you add embroidery to all this, you get a fantastic cowgirl look.

Summer Jeans

If you would like to wear embroidered jeans in summer, make sure to combine them with a knotted shirt. Let your jeans be straight since these models are now on fire! You can wear them with flats, sandals, take them to your work, or wear them for parties.

White Embroidery

Instead of wearing colorful embroidery, pick the white one. It will be equally interesting as the colorful one, still you will look more appropriate for specific occasions. These jeans are great for older women as well. Style them with a white blouse, white wedge sandals, and a straw bag.

Delicate Orange Embroidery

For those girls who would like to wear embroidery, but not to overdo it, there is a solution. Small and interesting details on your jeans will be enough to make a statement, but not to draw all the attention to it. So, match embroidery with your shirt shade and finish everything off with a fedora.

DIY Embroidered Jeans

There is nothing as satisfying as wearing jeans with some handmade details that will leave your friends with envy. The best part about it is that you can make it all by yourself and choose a design that you love. Embroidered jeans will make you look more expensive and are much better than spending lots of money on embellished jeans from high-end stores, that everyone will eventually wear. The technique is easy to learn; you will be doing it in no time.

What You Will Need

  • Jeans That Have Been Washed And Dried
  • Embroidery Thread In Any Color
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Pencil Or Chalk To Map Out The Design

Prices & Discounts

If you want to buy a pair, we price-checked some of the best options:

The JeansBrandPrice
AV Denim Driftwood Jeans Candace Garden JeansSundance Catalog$108.00
AV Denim Driftwood Jeans Audrey La Luna JeansSundance Catalog$128.00
AV Denim Kelly Strawberry Blossom Jeans by DriftwoodSundance Catalog$118.00
Women's Floral Embroidered JeansVenus$29.99
Jeans in 31 by ModClothModCloth.com$69.00
Sundance Catalog Primrose Blooms JeansSundance Catalog$108.00
AV Denim Driftwood Jeans Kelly Blueberry Blossom JeansSundance Catalog$118.00
7 For All Mankind Women's High Waist Ankle Skinny with Frayed Hem7 For All Mankind$99.00
dressbarn Embroidered Boyfriend Jeansdressbarn$39.95
Alice + Olivia Jeans Good Paperbag Waist Skinny JeansNeiman Marcus$295.00
Women's Embellished Jeans - Medium Wash BlueVenus$64.99
Sundance Catalog Secret Garden JeansSundance Catalog$108.00
AV Denim Driftwood Jeans Colette Tuscany JeansSundance Catalog$108.00
Acne Studios, Tyna Embroidered High-Waisted JeansMytheresa USA$700.00
Jen7 By 7 For All Mankind Floral Cropped Skinny JeansNeiman Marcus$109.00
Alice + Olivia Jeans Amazing Two-Tone High-Rise Boyfriend JeansNeiman Marcus$330.00

Step 1: Choose The Best Placement

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It is crucial to know where you will place the embroidery on the jeans. Some of the popular placements that people use are along the hemline, on the pockets, along the waistband and even down the side seams. You could also try out some symmetrical embroidery on the front of the jeans, especially under the pockets; it is quite popular.

Step 2: Pick The Stitch

When it comes to choosing the right needle, it is essential to remember that denim is quite a stiff fabric; hence, it will need a strong needle.

An example of this is the chenille needle in the size 18 to 22 since it is thick and robust. Also, ensure that you choose embroidery threads that are washable and durable to last long.

You will then need to choose between a chain or straight stitch. A straight stitch involves using an in and out motion that will create a single dash like stitch on the material. A chain stitch, on the other hand, is a series of looped stitches that will have a chain-like effect.

Step 3: Pencil In Your Design

One of the ways that you can get your design onto the jeans is to use a water-soluble stabilizer and stitch on it. You can also draw directly onto the clothes if you are good at it. The drawing will wash off hence no need to worry.

However, there are times that the fabric is too thick for one to trace, or too dark for the markings to be seen.

In these instances, one may use a white or yellow carbon transfer paper. However, this process tends to cause the lines to smudge while doing it. Another method you can try out the tracing paper method, but you will need to be careful since the paper tends to tear as one is working.

Step 4: Do The Embroidery

Once you have selected the needles, thread, the stitching method, and placement, it is now time to get to business. You can do bold floral designs, geometric ones, tattoo motifs or cute patterns, according to your taste. And Voila! You now have custom made jeans. Amazing, right?

There are endless possibilities of things you can embroider on your jeans. They will attract attention, and you can even sell them and get some good money while at it. What many people do not realize is how easy it is. With the above steps, you are on your way to revamping those jeans in your closet.