Can You Use Mascara Instead of Eyeliner? [Yes, but…]

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  • Eyeliner can be used as mascara
  • To use, brush line of eyeliner through the lashes
  • This gives a less perfect look than mascara, but it is a successful hack nonetheless

My friends and I are always on the lookout for new makeup hacks to try out. We love experimenting with different looks, and one day, we decided to experiment with using eyeliner as mascara. We weren’t sure how well it would work, but we were excited to give it a try.

We gathered all of our eyeliner pencils, liquid liners, and mascaras and got to work. We started by trying out the liner as mascara with our liquid liners.

It was a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but we eventually got the hang of it. We found that using a thin brush worked best for applying the liner as mascara.

After we had gotten the hang of using the liner as mascara with our liquid liners, we decided to try it out with our pencil liners. We found that a thick brush worked best for this application. We also found that it was best to use a black eyeliner for the best results.

Once we had mastered using the liner as mascara with both our liquid and pencil liners, we decided to take it on the road with us. We loved that it was a two-in-one product and that we didn’t have to carry around multiple products in our makeup bags.

We had so much fun experimenting with different looks using our liner as mascara and we can’t wait to try out even more hacks in the future!

So, can you actually use mascara instead of eyeliner?

The idea of using mascara as an eyeliner might be met by many with skepticism, but it is not so romantic. Most of us have developed a good level of loyalty with our small bottles of liquid eyeliner that we use to make our cat eyes, which makes the idea harder to conceive.

Can you use mascara instead of eyeliner? Some of the questions that ring in our minds when the idea is brought to us are whether it will be precise, whether it makes any sense, and what the point is.

Sometimes, we are preparing to go out with our friends, and when we start placing our eyeliner, the pencilโ€™s tip goes off. What happens if we cannot find its sharpener anywhere?

At other times, we will find that we left our liquid eyeliner with the cap off, which makes it dry to the extent it feels like we are stinging our lids with some blunt crayon when we attempt to define our eyes.

These are just some situations that lead the curious mind to think of other ways of using basic cosmetics to achieve diverse goals.

The idea works best for curious minds. These are the ones who are intrigued enough to try it out. When done successfully, using mascara instead of eyeliner can come in handy when we need emergency fixes.

It might also act as a double-duty tool in our beauty regimen. It is also a great idea when traveling or when we are not willing to carry so many products in our makeup bags since it acts as a two-in-one.

Is it safe?

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Mascara is safe for our eyes and has the consistency that a cream liner has. All you will need to work a miracle is your flat-slanted eyeliner brush.

We can then do our signature cat eye with our favorite mascara. Those who have attempted it attest to its lasting all night, making them stick to it.

With our eyeshadow, it is much of a color as our usual brush and eyeliner are. It also makes the best way of replacing how our eyeliner looks.

All one needs to do is dampen the brush before using it, as we use our eyeliner. You can find testimonies on the Makeup Addiction sub-Reddit, where Wanderingbeck says she uses her brown eyeshadow for the job.

She puts it into her lashesโ€™ base to make it appear like smokey liner when she is done with it.

How to apply it

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Provided you have the appropriate tools, you can apply certain eyeliners on your eyelashes. Apply the mascara very close to the lash line. Your success is as good as your tools and products go.

Most experienced people have said that creamy and liquid pencil liner is not workable for types of eyeliner.

We achieve this magic by putting a pea-size amount on top of our hands or a palette. The best tool for our use for the job is a steep and small fan brush. It has the size of your ring fingerโ€™s fingernail and provides a long grip.

Start by sprinkling a little, brushing with the excess, and then applying on the lace backs and lace tops. It works better when one has fluid eyeliner. The crayon eyeliner does not act as the best replacement for mascara.

You can then take the eyelinerโ€™s wall for use as mascara. Next, cover the mascara brush before brushing it on the eyelashes.

What needs to be in mind is that it should be blackened and have the cloves defined when avoiding prolonging it.

However, mascara and eyeliner are not perfect replacements. Each of them contains unique ingredients and characteristics. They overlap, but they do not make the ideal choice if one of them is unavailable.

Eyeliner can be used as mascara. You only have to brush the line of your eyeliner through the pins. Even though it does not give off a look as perfect as mascara might give, it exudes a hack that is quite successful.