Can You Use Eyeshadow As Lipstick? [Yes, but…]

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  • Yes, you’re able to use eye shadow for lipstick, with color that generally lasts around 2 hours.
  • Begin with a hydrating lip primer, line and fill your lips with a hue matching your preferred shadow, and then finish up with cream based shadow on top.

When we were younger, my friends and I loved to experiment with makeup. We would try all sorts of hacks, from using different colors to create new looks, to mixing lipstick with other products to create new shades. We were always curious to see what would happen if we tried something new.

One day, we decided to try using eyeshadow as lipstick. We had all heard about people doing this, but none of us had ever actually tried it before. We figured it was worth a shot, so we gathered up our supplies and got to work.

The results were mixed. Some of us loved the way our new lipstick looked, while others weren’t too thrilled with the outcome. But we all agreed that it was definitely worth experimenting with some more.

We continued to experiment with eyeshadow as lipstick for a while, and eventually found a few techniques that worked really well for us. We loved how versatile the eyeshadow was – we could create so many different looks depending on what we wanted.

Eventually, we all started using eyeshadow as lipstick on a regular basis. It became our go-to look for special occasions or when we wanted something a little different. We got so good at it that people would often ask us how we did it.

It’s been years since we first experimented with eyeshadow as lipstick, and we’re still loving it! We’ve tried other hacks over the years, but nothing beats using eyeshadow as lipstick for us – it’s just too versatile and fun!


So, can you use eyeshadow as lipstick?

Can you use eyeshadow as lipstick? Technically, it’s possible. But there is a reason it’s called eyeshadow and not lip shadow. So, it’s best to use the makeup products for what it’s intended.

However, if you are doing it for fun, you can try mixing it with vaseline or coconut oil to see if it helps. However, make sure it’s safe for your lips!

If you are wondering whether it’s okay to use the eyeshadow as lipstick or how to apply it, you can learn enough about it today.

For instance:

  • Should I use eyeshadow as lipstick?
  • How to use eyeshadow as lipstick?

Read on to find out more!

Should I Use Eyeshadow As Lipstick?

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Some people may go to the extent of experimenting with eyeshadow colors and using them as lipstick. But the question here is whether it would be safe for your use!

You need to get the list of ingredients and find more information on the brand before you jump on the bandwagon here!

Consider the following:

  • You need to understand whether the eyeshadow would be safe for your lips. There should be no allergic reaction.
  • Find what ingredients are in the eyeshadow and see if you have an issue with any of those.
  • Ask other professional makeup artists about their opinion, but don’t follow the trends blindly. Do your research.
  • Using the eyeshadow directly could be uncomfortable. So, you can watch the tutorials online and see how to make the best of your eyeshadows as lipstick.
  • Always check the list of ingredients to rule out the possibility of any harmful chemicals for your lips!

There is a reason the product is for the eyes and not the lips! However, for fun, you can try different things when you are confident that you won’t wear them for too long and that it’s safe for your lips.

How to Use Eyeshadow As Lipstick?

Some people may consider applying eyeshadow directly to the lips as lipstick, but it could be uncomfortable. In addition, the texture of the eyeshadows would be powdery.

Finally, when using a product on your lips, you may accidentally eat it, which is why ensure the ingredients are safe and that you are not allergic to the list.

You can try the following:

  • Consider mixing the eyeshadow with a small amount (a drop) of coconut oil and see if it helps.
  • You can also use vaseline.
  • You can ask a makeup professional to guide you better. Professionals have the expertise and experience to guide you in the right direction. So, you can ask a certified and professional makeup artist how to use your eyeshadow as lipstick.
  • Select the color that suits you best. Eyeshadow offers a range of colors; thus, you may need to use unique colors, but it’s always best to opt for the one that looks great on you!

The above points can help you, but you know what works best. It’s best to buy lipstick for everyday use. There are also eyeshadow-like lip palettes available on the market that let you mix and match the colors.

You can even create your colors; it would be so much fun!

Tips to Keep In Mind for Makeup

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When it comes to using eyeshadow as lipstick, consider the following:

  • Please make sure that the eyeshadow palette is not expired. You must always invest in fresh makeup. Your skin health is important.
  • It’s best if you can go for the tried and tested methods. So, you can check out online tutorials and see what people are saying in the comments.
  • Go with your gut feeling!

Wrapping It Up

Even though it’s possible to use eyeshadow as lipstick, you must always check the ingredients. There is a reason why this product is for the eyes and not the lips, so it’s best if you get different shades of lipstick for your everyday use.

You can also consider buying lip palettes of different colors to make life easy for yourself.