Can You Use Eyeliner as Lipstick? Yes, here’s how!

Woman putting on makeup, painting lips with red lipliner
  • Yes, it is possible- you just have to observe some aesthetic and health guidelines
  • While it may be tempting to use the same product for both your eyes and lips, it’s important to keep them separate to avoid any cross-contamination.
  • Eyeliners are formulated differently than lipsticks and can cause irritation if used on the eyelids.
  • If you’re looking for a blue eyeliner, the Browhaus Heavy Duty Bi-Liner in Midnight Blue is a great option, and it also doubles as an eyeshadow.
  • When applying eyeliner, make sure to use a light hand and go slowly to avoid tugging on the skin.
  • And finally, don’t forget to prep your lips with a scrub or balm before you start!


Here’s my favorite eyeliner as lipstick tutorial

Back in highschool, my best friend and I were always experimenting with our makeup. We would try new looks and techniques, and sometimes even use products in unexpected ways. One of our favorite tricks was using eyeliner as lipstick.

The way it started was, we were at the drugstore browsing through the makeup aisle, when we came across some colorful eyeliners.

They caught our attention immediately, and we just had to try them out.

We ended up buying a few of them, and once we got home we couldn’t wait to experiment.

She even tried using different colors of eyeliner to create different lip looks. She used black eyeliner for a goth look, she used white eyeliner for a snow-white look, and she used green eyeliner for a fun and festive look.

(Here’s a goth look for Halloween purposes!)

And once again, it worked! She was able to create all sorts of different lip looks using just eyeliner.

She even tried using different types of eyeliners for different lip looks. She used pencil eyeliners for a precise look, she used liquid eyeliners for a dramatic look, and she used powder eyeshadows for a funky look!

So, can you use eyeliner as lipstick?

It seems the trend of using eyeliner as lipstick has joined the ranks of other cosmetic products that have been crossing over as an alternative application to body parts it originally wasn’t designed for. Is this such a good idea?

Although this may seem like an unconventional approach to applying makeup, there is no official rule of thumb that says you can’t do it.

Eyeliner as Lipstick Benefits

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Cosmetics can be an expensive investment if you put together a collection of what colors go best according to specific parts of the body you wish to apply makeup to. It also gets pricey when you favor top-of-the-line products instead of cheap stuff.

One of the benefits of using eyeliner as lipstick is reducing the cost of buying more makeup than you actually need in order to achieve the desired look. Even in movies and television, watching a character use an eyeliner pencil in place of an actual lipstick has become increasingly common.

This also applies to liquid eyeliner being used for the same purpose.

Oddly enough, eyeliner is a versatile product that can also be used as a lip liner. However, be mindful that you’re not cross-contaminating your products before applying something that was technically meant for your eyes onto your lips.

One nice feature about eyeliner is there may be color options available with it that aren’t so easily available as lipstick.

OK…now what?

If you’re debating how to use eyeliner as lipstick, you first need to realize this is a drier product. Before using eyeliner on your lips, moisturize them first. Doing so will avoid the chapped look, allowing your lips to look soft and plush.

The next thing you’ll need to do is take a liner and draw an outline. Run this line across your lip line and give it a nicer coverage from the outside. The eyeliner will help you create an outline as it doesn’t smidge much and will give you a smooth pigment stork.

Eyeliners are designed to be in one defined place so once you’ve made your outline, it will be perfectly drawn into place. From there, focus on the edges and smooth them out as well.

As soon as you’re done with the outline, fill in the inner places of the lips. This is where you have the option to use a lighter tint so you can make the look seem more natural.

However you wish for the lips to look is up to you. What kind of definition do you want? How prominently do you want your lips to appear?

After the eyeliner has been outlined and filled, this will likely leave a matte finish on your lips. If you’re aiming to keep the lips smooth and moist, then you should apply lip balm.

This is your last step as you rub on the balm. Doing so will make the lip color look glossier, smooth, and soft.

Safety Issues

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There have been concerns about the wisdom of using eyeliner as lipstick among beauticians. Is this procedure safe? Although using eyeliner as lipstick is unconventional, it wouldn’t be the first time a product that was meant for one purpose can be used for something else.

However, just because eyeliner has been used as lipstick without any serious complications that warrant health concerns, it does boil down to using some common sense.

Bear in mind, an eyeliner pencil does the job best when it’s kept sharp. This is already necessary to avoid a messy application around the eyes so it stands to reason this applies to the lips as well. When using a sharpener, make sure that’s clean too.

Furthermore, if you’re applying any kind of makeup that’s been used by somebody else, there are hygiene issues you may want to consider here. As ideal as it is to look good with a sensible application of makeup, it’s even more important to stay healthy.

Common sense dictates you don’t apply anything to your body if you don’t trust the source it came from.