Can You Put Lipstick On After Lip Fillers? [48 hours?]

Cosmetology doctor makes beauty injections in the lip to a woman
  • According to the plastic surgery blogs we researched, they say that you can’t put lipstick on after lip fillers for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment (Source)

My friend Jean was always obsessed with makeup. She would watch tutorials on YouTube for hours on end, trying to learn every little trick in the book. She loved playing around with different looks, and was always trying out new products.

So when she decided to get lip fillers, I wasn’t too surprised. She had been talking about it for a while, and I knew that she was unhappy with the way her lips looked. She had always wanted fuller lips, but was always too afraid to try anything permanent like surgery.

But then one day she finally decided to go for it. She booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon and started planning out her new look. And let me tell you, she was excited!

The day of her surgery arrived and she went in with high hopes. After a few hours, she emerged with fuller lips than ever before! But there was a catch…

She wasn’t allowed to wear any lipstick for the next two days afterwards. Apparently, wearing lipstick could cause some serious medical complications. Jean was so bummed! She loved wearing lipstick and now she had to go without it for a couple of days.

But eventually the two days passed and she was able to start wearing her favourite shades again. And let me tell you, she looked amazing! Her new lips really popped against her skin, and she felt more confident than ever before.


So, can you wear lip stick after getting lip fillers?

When attempting to achieve a prominent set of lips, cosmetic surgery is usually the approach people take when they feel their lips are too flat or small. The question is, can lipstick be applied to these lip fillers?

Yes or No?

woman showing pink lips in torn pape
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Once those lip fillers are in place, the desire to apply some lipstick or gloss to make your new lips pop out, even more, is likely. Using lipstick right after installing lip fillers has not once resulted in any medical issues that have been deemed dangerous.

Aside from allergies, the answer to the question about putting lipstick on after lip fillers is yes, but only after you wait for about twenty-four hours and up to forty eight hours.

You need to at least give your lips a bit of recovery time as they’re likely to be sensitive after surgery. Applying moisturizers, lip balm, or even Vaseline will help as you recover.

Another reason for the twenty-four-hour wait is this gives the fillers enough time to settle. Unless there are complications that arise, after twenty-four hours you can easily apply some gloss or lipstick.

Yes, But…

Quite frankly, after you get the lip filler there will be bigger concerns to worry about than applying lipstick. Because this is a surgical treatment that involves injectables, special care of your lips needs to be a dedicated practice.

Face it, now with a fuller set of lips, the old you that had thinner lips no longer exists. Until you become completely comfortable with this new version of yourself, there needs to be enough time set aside to fully recover.

Although waiting twenty-four hours is usually recommended, sometimes lip filler recipients will wait at least one or two days longer before deciding to apply any kind of makeup to their lips.

Even there, when applying lipsticks of any kind, it’s highly recommended to avoid rubbing or pressing. This also applies to makeup removal.

Also, make a point to avoid facial massages. Ideally, you want to keep your lips as relaxed as possible as the fillers need time to adjust. You also need time to get used to the fillers.

About Lip Fillers

Remember, lip fillers are a surgical procedure. Like all surgeries, time is needed in order to let the affected body heal. So does the due diligence to keep up with all the medical care and attention needed in order to minimize discomfort and other complications.

Lip fillers as a surgical procedure is deemed cosmetic, meaning you are changing your appearance with the intent to make it look better. Because there is surgery involved, you need to make sure this is the right decision for you.

If it is, then it’s a matter of finding the right plastic surgeon to do the job. The last thing you want is a botched job.

Furthermore, lip fillers are reversible. If you go through with the surgery, only to find out down the road you feel you made a mistake, you can undo what’s been done to you.

The Lipside

Before and after lip filler injections
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Lip fillers, as a surgical means to achieve the desired look, are a choice. So is the decision to apply lipstick on lip fillers. Again, waiting at least twenty-four hours before doing is highly recommended.

Doing so allows the fillers to settle into the space they’ve been put into properly.

The idea behind this was to improve the look of your lips. The last thing you want to do is cause any complications.

It’s not like you can’t apply lipstick on lip fillers but you really should wait until that part of your body has been able to fully recover from surgery.