Can You Mix Concealer and Moisturizer? [Yes, but…]

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  • Yes, you can mix concealer and moisturizer
  • It’s ideal if your concealer is drying out and flaking on your face, you can combine it with a moisturizer to cure the problem
  • The moisturizer will make the concealer dewier and easier to blend.
  • To sheer out coverage of a full-coverage concealer, mix it with a light face cream
  • To lighten a dark concealer, mix it with a moisturizer
  • To create a tinted moisturizer, mix concealer and moisturizer in ratio 1:3
  • Concealer should be one to two shades lighter than foundation for the under-eye area
  • A tinted moisturizer should have the same shade as your skin tone

So, my friend Megan was getting ready to go out for the night. She had just put on her makeup, and was reaching for her concealer to cover up her dark circles. But as she squeezed the tube, nothing came out. “Ugh, I must have forgotten to bring it with me,” she sighed.

She looked around the room for a solution and spotted her moisturizer. “Maybe I can just mix them together,” she thought. And with that, she got to work blending the two products together until they formed a smooth consistency.

After applying the mixture to her skin, Megan was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it easier to blend than when she used them separately, but it also gave her a little bit of coverage. “This might be my new go-to method for covering up my dark circles,” she thought.

Later that night, Megan met up with her friend Lily to show her what she had been working on. “Hey, check this out!” Megan exclaimed as she demonstrated how to mix concealer and moisturizer together. Lily was impressed and decided to give it a try herself.

The two friends spent the rest of the night mixing and blending different concealer and moisturizer combinations, trying to find the perfect formula for each individual skin type. And before they knew it, they had created their very own custom-blended concealer!


So, can you mix concealer and moisturizer?

Yes, it is very possible to mix concealer and moisturizer. If your concealer is thicker, add a little bit of moisturizer to it. If you’re using a liquid concealer, then blend in some moisturizer. Remember to blend well and keep the mixture as thin as possible.

By mixing both of these together, you should have a pretty good idea of what your skin tone is. Also, mixing these together will help moisturize your skin and will help you achieve a smoother look.

In this article, you will learn the tips and techniques of mixing concealer and moisturizer together.

Reasons Why You Should Mix Concealer with Moisturizer

1. You can create a flawless finish by blending both concealer and moisturizer together.

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By mixing the concealer and moisturizer together, you will be able to get a smoother finish. Remember to wash your hands after you are done mixing them and before you apply them onto your face.

This way, you will reduce your chances of having an infection.

2. It evens out the natural color of your skin by blending concealer and moisturizer together.

If you have a purple toned concealer, mixing it with a green toned moisturizer will help cancel out the color. Also, mixing these two products together will help your skin look more natural.

When you don’t want to waste products, mixing both concealer and moisturizer together is a great solution for you. All you need is white concealer and green toned moisturizer to achieve your desired result.

3. It helps your skin look bright and smooth

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By mixing both of these products together, it will create a texture like that of clay which helps keep your skin looking young and fresh. This is perfect if you have dry skin and you want to add extra moisture to it.

Also, if your skin is oily, you can try mixing some powder with your moisturizer and apply it on top of your concealer.

4. To smoothen out pores

You probably have heard of pores being clogged. If you have clogged pores, then you might need to moisturize your skin. Mixing these two products together will help you to create a smooth finish that helps de-clog pores.

5. To make it last longer

For some people, blending concealer and moisturizer together can last up to 12 hours. If this is not good enough for you, then the solution is to use a primer before blending the two products together.

However, you might need to add more of concealer and moisturizer as another product might be missing from your routine that could make your foundation look bad or cakey after blending them together.

Tips on How to Mix Concealer and Moisturizer Together

1. Mix in correct proportions

Remember to keep the mixture thin before you apply it on your face. It is not a good idea to have thick layers of both concealer and moisturizer on your face. If you have the right consistency, then you will look fresh, natural and flawless!

2. Tap gently

If you want to blend the mixture onto your skin better, then tapping is a great way to do it. Tap gently onto your skin so that the products absorb into your skin more quickly and evenly.

However, make sure that you don’t over-tap. This can lead to caking which will diminish the overall effect of having blended concealer and moisturizer together.

3. Use a brush sparingly

Using a brush will help you blend the concealer and moisturizer onto your face better. Remember to be gentle with this process. Applying too much pressure will lead to uneven results. Also, the brush that you use should be soft and fluffy.

You are now familiar with how to mix concealer and moisturizer together. Remember that this is a technique that many makeup artists use and you can try it out yourself. As long as you remember to keep the mixture thin, then your face will look flawless and natural when you apply it on your face.

When you want to save time and money by using only one product to and moisturize your skin, blending concealer and moisturizer together is the way to go This can be done by mixing a small amount of white concealer with a green toned moisturizer.

The mixture can then be applied to your face with a brush or your fingers, and should be tapped in gently. You may need to use more of the concealer and moisturizer if your skin is particularly dry or oily. Blending the two products together can last up to 12 hours, but using a primer beforehand will help it last even longer.