How Much Do Lip Tattoos Cost? [$590?]

procedure of permanent lip make-up for a woman in a tattoo parlor
  • On average, a lip tattoo will cost $590
  • Lip tattoos can last for many years with proper care, but will need touchups every so often at an additional cost
  • There are a variety of styles and techniques that can be used for lip tattoos, and each has a different price
  • Location can also play a role in the cost of lip tattoos, with artists in bigger cities often charging more
  • The least expensive method for lip tattoos is the shaded lip liner, which will outline the lip, but the most expensive is the permanent lipstick technique which colors and outlines the lips
  • Touchups for lip tattoos typically cost around 60% of the initial session price

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So What’s The Average Cost Of A Lip Tattoo?

There are many reasons why a person may want to get a lip tattoo. They may want to make a design or statement that stands out. Some may want permanent makeup on the lips.

No matter what the purpose is people wonder how much does a lip tattoo cost. There are some factors that will determine the approximate cost of a lip tattoo.

While many things will affect the actual cost of the lip tattoo the average cost is $590. This may go up or down depending on the artist, the size of the tattoo, and related factors.

What is included in the price?

Young woman having permanent makeup on lips in beautician salon
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The cost of the treatment includes one session of the lip micropigmentation as well as a kit of aftercare. For most people, this is enough for the color to come through with bright and vibrant colors.

There are still others that will need another tattoo session so they can get the color that they want. Some places will allow a follow up visit at the cost to touch up any areas that may not have come through with enough color.

Some places will charge for this service. A touch is done around 8 weeks after the initial procedure. Once the skin has healed more color may be needed to fill in any areas of patchiness.

Additional Sessions

After the first session, additional touchups may be needed. These touchups are at an additional cost. The price will depend on how much work needs to be done and the last time a person had this session.


After the initial session, the cost of the touchup will range between $100 and $350. The touchups will charge around 60 percent of the initial costs. If it has been a long time since the original lip tattoo then the price may be higher.

Some other things will impact the price. This includes skin type and lifestyle. People with oily skin and those that are out in the sun often will need frequent touchups to maintain this color.

There are some other factors that will affect the cost of a lip tattoo.


Different styles and different techniques will have different prices. The more skills that are needed and the higher the difficulty level the higher the price will be.

Most Expensive

The most expensive is permanent lipstick or having full color tattooed onto the lips. This will allow the lipstick to stand out and the lip liner can also be tattooed on.

The lips are colored and outlined. They will need more frequent touchups so this is something to remember.

Dark Neutralization

For darker lips, the price is mostly the same as permanent lipstick. If the lips were neutralized and there is color added to this there will be an extra charge.

Lip Blush

Professional permanent makeup procedure - lip blushing
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The lip brush and the aquarelle lip techniques are often less expensive. They can be as much as $200 lower than the full lip tattoo.

If a person is looking for an ombre effect there is going to be an extra charge for this service.

Cheapest Method

The least expensive method for lip tattoos is the shaded lip liner. This will outline the lip. There is an optional blending shade effect.

The less time that is spent on the lips the less cost there will be. This method will still cost around $300


Location will play a role in the cost of lip tattoos. The cost can vary drastically from city to city. Artists that work in bigger cities often charge more.

This can be due to the demand and the higher demand for services. Cities also attract more artists so this may be something to look into when considering the price.

Lip tattoos are popular for people that want permanent lipstick. They do not have to apply lipstick every day. While the lip tattoos can also for many years they will need to be touched up at an additional expense.