The 6 Best Alternatives for Clear Mascara [Castor Oil?]

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  • Eyeliners are a great replacement for clear mascara, and can be applied in various ways including as eyeliner or eye shadow.
  • Vaseline is a great, inexpensive, and natural way to fill in lashes and make them look fabulous.
  • Lash extensions are a great option for those who want long, luxurious lashes.
  • Castor oil can be used to lengthen and strengthen lashes, and is easy to apply.
  • Caveats: Do not use eyelash glue as it may cause smudges or health problems, and avoid lash tinting if you don’t want to deal with smudges.

My best friends and I were always looking for ways to make ourselves look better. We were the girls who loved experimenting with different looks, and we were always trying out new products.

So when we heard that clear mascara was potentially being discontinued, we knew we had to find a replacement.

We conducted all sorts of experiments to see what the best alternative was. We tried eyeliners, Vaseline, lash extensions, castor oil, and lash tints, but none of them gave us the results we wanted.

The eyeliners were difficult to apply, Vaseline made our lashes greasy, lash extensions were a pain to put on and take off, castor oil made our lashes sticky, and lash tints didn’t last very long.

Finally, we decided to try using glue. We all know how tricky it can be to get false lashes to look perfect, but we thought it was worth a shot. And surprisingly, it worked really well! Not only did it give us longer and thicker lashes, but it also lasted for several weeks without smudging or coming off.

We were so happy with the results that we started using glue as our go-to replacement for clear mascara. And to this day, we still use it whenever we want to add a bit more flair to our eyes.


6 Best Alternatives for Clear Mascara

Wondering what you can use instead of clear mascara? Well, there are plenty of options that you can use. Finding the right replacement for clear mascara can feel daunting, but several alternatives will leave your eyes looking just as fabulous.

This article will look at some of the most commonly-used replacements and what they do.

1. Eyeliners

Eyeliners are a great replacement for clear mascara for those who want to define their eyes. They come in various colors that you can use to match your eye color or make your eyes pop, and you can apply them as eyeliner or eye shadow, depending on what you’re looking for.

One thing to remember is that eyeliners can be a bit more difficult to apply than clear mascara. This is because they do not come in an applicator, and eyeliner brushes are not generally the best tool for creating a precise line.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make the application easier. To start, you can use your eyeshadow brush instead of an actual brush. If you need an easier way to apply eyeliner, try using a pencil liner.

This method works best if you need precise lines and want something easier to apply. You can also use a medium-sized pencil liner instead of a tiny pencil liner, which is great for creating a medium-sized line.

You can even use both and then blend the two to make your look more defined.

2. Vaseline

Vaseline is a great option for those who are looking for something that is not only inexpensive and easy to use but also natural. You can apply Vaseline in pretty much the same way that you would apply clear mascara, and it will fill in your lashes to make them look fabulous.

First, apply a small amount on the tip of your index finger, then gently rub it on top of your lashes. You can also apply it to your lower lashes. Of course, if you have sensitive eyes, you can use petroleum jelly instead.

3. Lash extensions

False eyelashes and paper lips
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Lash extensions may be a great option for those who want long, luxurious lashes. Using synthetic or mink fur strands, lash extensions are essentially false eyelashes.

With proper care, they can last for several weeks or even months. If you don’t feel like doing the work required to put on and remove them yourself, you can always see an expert who will do it for you; be sure they use safe products for your eyes.

4. Castor oil

Castor oil is said to be one of the best remedies for eyestrain. It is also a highly effective way of lengthening and strengthening your lashes. You can find castor oil at most health food stores, and it’s especially helpful if you have dry lashes, as this oil will hydrate them.

You can apply it in many different ways, but the easiest method is to rub some on your fingertips and rub it into your upper lashes. This will help them grow longer and stronger.

I’d never heard of castor oil before I started my search for a clear mascara alternative, but it’s apparently a miracle worker when it comes to lashes.

I read online that you can apply it in many different ways, but the easiest method is to rub some on your fingertips and rub it into your upper lashes. I was a bit skeptical, but I decided to give it a try.

I was amazed at how well it worked! Not only did my lashes look longer and fuller, but they were also very healthy and hydrated. I loved the effect so much that I started using it every day. My only complaint was that it can be a bit messy to apply, especially if you’re not used to using oils on your face.

But the results were worth the mess, and I would definitely recommend trying castor oil if you’re looking for an alternative to clear mascara.

5. Caveats

Don’t use eyelash glue. While these commercial products are designed for false lashes, you will also have to deal with glue and smudges.

It may be easier for you to apply makeup on top of the glue than trying to scrub it off, and it may also cause your eyelashes to grow longer, which can be unhealthy.

6. Lash Tint

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Lash tints are a great way to add flair to your eyes without having to get lash extensions or use false eyelashes. They’re easy to apply and remove and can be used on your upper or lower lashes.

Of course, you will have to deal with smudges and the possibility of them coming off, but they are a great way to fill in sparse areas or make your lashes look thicker. Make sure you check out whether mascara will ruin your eyelash tint!


Hopefully, these tips will help you figure out what to do to make your eyes pop. While clear mascara is an incredibly popular makeup staple, it can also be replaced with more natural and affordable items.

Some of the best alternatives for clear mascara are eyeliners and Vaseline.